Standard Boarding Accommodations

Rate - $25/Night

Standard Indoor/Outdoor Kennel

Each dog has an individual spacious, climate controlled, indoor & outdoor accommodation. The indoor sleeping quarters have been built with your dog's comfort in mind. Solid partitions separate each run allowing for privacy, preventing cross-contamination, and discouraging fence fighting. Each inside run features a special made resting bench for bedding and sleeping quarters off of the concrete floor. Barking noise is kept to a minimum by sound-absorbing panels hung inside the kennel. Pets can access their outside run through a door during the day, the outside run is a covered concrete patio, protecting pets from inclement weather conditions.

The country setting is a peaceful environment which provides our vacationers with lots to look at throughout the day. They enjoy the interesting sights and sounds of the abundant wildlife that can be observed from their patio. Each guest is exercised individually in the large, fenced play yard. Guests begin enjoying exercise times early in the mornings before even opening our doors.  Outings continue throughout the day for a final play after closing our doors for the evening.