Sunroom Suites

Rate - $28/Night

Deluxe Sunroom Suite

  • Premium Food & Bedding
  • 3 Individual Exercise Times In Play Yard Per Day
  • All Rooms Air Conditioned & Heated
Sunroom suite with dog inside

These deluxe accommodations were designed for that dog that feels more comfortable in a more private, quiet setting away from the noise of the standard runs. These sunny rooms are ideal for the pet that is needing a little more TLC or that stresses easily while being away from home. For the meek, timid, shy, old or just for the pet that is in need of a little more pampering during their stay...a deluxe suite is the answer. Our guests are sure to enjoy the new state of the art accommodations made just for them.

  • Climate-controlled
  • Window view from each suite
  • Kuranda beds with fleece blankets
  • Daily fresh blanket changes
  • Bedtime tuck in with biscuit
  • Premium food/treats
  • All indoor accommodations
  • More "home-like" atmosphere
  • Three play sessions per day
  • Soft music