Sunroom Suites

Rate - $35/Night

Deluxe Sunroom Suite

  • Multiple outings to play yard per day, these are given individually.
  • All Rooms Air Conditioned & Heated
Sunroom 1 - cropped

These deluxe accommodations were designed for that dog that feels more comfortable in a more private, quiet setting away from the noise of the standard runs. These sunny rooms are ideal for the pet that is needing a little more TLC or that stresses easily while being away from home. For the meek, timid, shy, old or just for the pet that is in need of a little more pampering during their stay...a deluxe suite is the answer. Guests begin enjoying exercise times early in the mornings before even opening our doors. Outings continue throughout the day for a final play after closing our doors for the evening.  Our guests are sure to enjoy the new state of the art accommodations made just for them.

  • Climate-controlled
  • Window view from each suite
  • Kuranda beds with fleece blankets
  • Daily fresh blanket changes
  • Bedtime tuck in with biscuit
  • All indoor accommodations
  • More "home-like" atmosphere
  • Soft music